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Accessories power: Turn sunglasses the main detail of your outfit!

All girls want to be beautiful and stylish.. All girls want to look like celebrities from Instagram, dress like style icons.. And all (or most) girls think that if you want to be stylish, you must have a lot of money and live in a big city, where you can find Zara, Mango, H&M and other popular clothing stores. Are you also one of those girls? STOP! Even if you don't have a lot of money for clothes, even if you live in a small village, you can also be stylish. And there's no need to have full closet of branded clothing, which you could change every day. Not a lot of money, not a lot of clothes.. So, what is it then? Accessories! 

Outfit of the day: Pink in action

I've always been a very girly girl. From my young age, I was interested in such girly things like clothes and makeup. I clearly remember, when I was 5 years old, I secretly put on my mum's high heels, stained my lips and played, that I am a model. From early days I lived with fashion magazines, I loved to draw models with their outfits and how all little girls, I was inlove with pink colour. Although... I can't write that in past-time, because I still love pink so much. It's almost my favourite colour (after white) and try to imagine, how I react, when I see something very beautiful in this colour (like the pink leather biker, which I bought a few months ago). So this time, in one of my favourite store Zara, I saw an amaaaaaazing pink jacket/coat, which conquered my heart from the first sight. Yes, of course, I bought it and today I‘ve prepared for you my second OOTD post with this lovely jacket.

Job for UNNAMED Clothing: backstage, pictures & more

If you read my blog page ABOUT or follow me on social networks, you know that I am also a model. Working as a model was the biggest dream of my childhood and sometimes I still can't believe that two years ago this dream came true. And since these years, my life really changed a lot. I simply became a different person. The person, who I always wanted to be. This work has opened a lot of  new opportunities for me, provided a lot of new acquaintances, gave me more self-confidence and courage. And I am very happy that on that fateful September afternoon I went to a casting. It was one of the best decisions in my life, for which I am very happy. Very very very...

Review: MOSHI body wash and face moisturizer

If you have read my previous post about "Naked." boutique, you might remember, when I showed to you that in this store you can find MOSHI cosmetics products. I have said that I had never tried it, but I heard many good reviews and I hope one day to try it. I feel so damn lucky because after that post, groziodraugas.lt, which is the official MOSHI products seller in Lithuania, wrote me and suggested a collaboration with my blog. They sent me a few MOSHI products – a body wash and a face moisturizer. I really can't believe that I have started this blog just a few weeks ago and I have already got suggestions for collaboration. Imagine, how happy I'm now.. 🙉 So I have tried these MOSHI products and today I want to talk a little about MOSHI cosmetics brand and share my opinion about this body wash and the face moisturizer. They are really worth your attention!

Lithuanian clothes boutiques - what we can find there

I don't know how it is in other countries, but in Lithuania, boutiques became very popular in the recent years. If you don't know what it is, boutiques are small stores, that sell stylish clothing, jewelry and other usually expensive things. Boutiques signifies luxury, exclusivity and uniqueness. It is not just a store, but rather - salon, where you can buy clothes and accessories of famous designers or prestigious fashion houses. In Lithuania you can really find a lot of boutiques in the capital Vilnius, Kaunas, and even in my quite small city Alytus. Most of them are in the old towns - where many people and a lot of tourists go. I have visited many boutiques in Vilnius, but yesterday I visited some boutiques in Kaunas for the first time. There are many there, so I visited a few and today I want to talk about the boutique "Naked.", which I liked the most, and I will share the beautiful items that I found there.

Swapbox with Karolina: See what I got!

If you know me personally for a long time or follow me on social networks, you know that one of my favorite hobbies is to communicate with people from the whole world via snail mail. This is one of my biggest hobbies since I was twelve years old. I have a lot of penfriends not only from Lithuania, but also from Japan, Hong Kong, Turkey and America. One of my friends is Karolina. She's also from Lithuania and we communicate via snail mail for about one year. A few weeks ago we decided to do a swapbox (exchange packages with various gifts) for 50 euros. And yesterday I got Karolina's box and I want to show it to you, because her gifts are absolutely amazing! I got many various things, starting from beauty products to books. I enjoyed every gift and I want to say to Karolina a big big big thanks! You're amazing, girl! 💋  

Outfit of the day: Coral red and elegant white

Good morning from sunny Vilnius! Oh, It‘s such a beautiful day today in Lithuania. That just makes me want to jump into the most beautiful dress, pick up a bright handbag and go to conquer the world. But before that, I know that I have to do something very special. Yes, more important than finding the most beautiful dress or buying a bright bag. It's time for my first blog post! The time, for which I was waiting the whole year.  And for the first blog post I chose the main theme of my blog - fashion. As I said in my blog intro, it took me a lot of courage to talk about fashion in public. So now I feel excited, a little afraid, but very happy And today I want to show you my outfit, which I wore yesterday.

Let's start this journey together!

Well, If you would have told me five years ago that I will be a fashion blogger in the future, my reaction would had been like this: "A fashion blogger? Oh, stop kidding!". I think that if you want to talk about fashion publicly, you really need a lot of courage. When a few years ago I became interested in fashion industry and in my closed room I was reading fashion magazines, I had never thought that this interest will lead me to writing a fashion blog. But now I can feel it. After a few years of reading fashion magazines and following other bloggers, I can really feel it. I feel that fashion is an area where I feel good. This is the area about which I want to speak out loud, the area that I want to share with others. It took me a whole year to build up the courage to open a fashion blog. But now I can hear a voice.. The voice, that says to me every morning: "It's time, Simona!", "It's time to become Mona in the city..". And yes, now I really feel that it's time. And today I'm very happy that I can finally open this door and invite you to start this journey with me. The journey, where I will share with you my understanding of style, outfit ideas, knowledge about fashion and more. But oh, wait, it's not only about fashion! It's a blog about beauty secrets, my crazy lifestyle and traveling.. Just everything about me and my life!